NO TIE Shoelaces!!!




Introduction: NO TIE Shoelaces!!!

I have a ten year old that refuses to untie his shoes prior to putting them on...that just folds the heal over and ruins the shoes. Going down the path of least resistance, I just removed the laces and eliminated the requirement to untie them.


It was surprisingly all came together walking through the camping section at a superstore (Target/Walmart) where they sell elastic cord.

It is as easy as removing the old laces, and pulling the elastic through the eyelets. There is no need to cross them, and you don't want to pull them tight. Simply lace the elastic through and leave it so the shoe looks natural (not over tightened). I started at the bottom and and laced up to the top and simply tied a figure 8 knot in the end so that it doesn't pull back through.

It has made them almost as comfortable as house slippers that will stay on even when running!!!

ENJOY and save the heals of your shoes



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    Are you talking bout: White Elastic Cord on a 144 yd roll?


    1 reply

    No I think that I got like 20 feet or so. It is used to replace the cord on the inside of tent poles.

    Must try the BoomLaces brand...So easy with kids!!

    This is a great idea. Forget the kids, I'm doing it to my shoes!