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Make fun place cards to spice up your next dinner with friends. Give them away as parting gifts.

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Step 1: See the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: Toy Animals

With a craft knife, carefully add a slit to the back of small toy animals

Punch out large card stock circles

Insert in the slit

Step 3: Personalized Wine Glasses

Punch card stock circles

Edge with glitter

Punch a small hole for your office rings

Add to the bottom of each wine glass

Step 4: For Your Artsy Friends

Punch medium and large card stock circles and glue together

Punch a hole for colorful curling ribbon

Wrap around several crayons

Cover your table in white butcher paper or fill it with white paper placemats

Step 5: To Celebrate a Victory

Glue plastic men on lids with E-6000 glue

Create flags with card stock and toothpicks Hot glue them in each hand

Step 6: For the Girls

Grab sparkly pieces of jewelry at the dollar store

Add them to name tags with ribbon

Step 7: Feather Butterflies

Hot glue feather butterflies and card stock leaves to twigs

Step 8: Your Own Votive

Using Multi-Surface paint and chalkboard coating, you can write

the name of each guest on their own personal votive holder

Erase and rewrite for the next party

Step 9: Put a Fork in It!

Bend small metal forks with pliers

Insert a card stock circle in each

Step 10: Twigs and Card Stock Leaves

Backyard twigs and card stock leaves make an inexpensive and beautiful place holder

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