NordicTrack (ski Machine) Mod for Balance Rehab




Introduction: NordicTrack (ski Machine) Mod for Balance Rehab

I have bad balance and have wanted to use our NordicTrack ski machine for exercise when the weather is bad or it's too hot outside. So I came up with the idea of using a walker to provide side handles for support so I can use the machine as a kind of ski tread mill. I am hoping I won't need this setup for too long!

The setup: There's really nothing to this project except finding a cheap walker (check thrift stores), building the wood base (see second photo for detail) so that I can comfortably hold on to the walker handles, and finding some straps to prevent the walker from rocking too much.

Step 1:

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    3 years ago

    This is a very good idea, easy to make and easy to remove with no damage to the NT. I wish I'd have seen something like this about 10 years ago. I first got my NT to continue physical therapy at home to re-develop an even gait and balance. The NT's hand-hold bars in front of the ab pad are too far forward for me. Walker handles on the sides would have been much better to help me to work both legs evenly on the NT, and with a straighter back instead of the tendency to lean too far forward. After lots of PT plus time on the NT every day, now I can walk almost normally, and I still use my NT nearly every day, with maintenance help from Phil B's roller rebuild Instructable. Thanks for sharing your design! Long live our Nordic Tracks!