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Introduction: Nuts and Bolts Chessmen

My dad had been telling me about how he had been wanting a set of chessmen. So I figured I'd make him one. I saw a similar idea online someplace and decided to build my own. Cost about $50 in parts and I already had the board lying around. Currently the black pieces are spray painted, but I'm planning on sealing them with something in the near future.

Step 1: The Pieces

The pieces for a standard set of chessmen (per side) are
8 pawns
2 rooks
2 bishops
2 knights
1 king
1 queen 
One set of these needs to be a different color than the other set. I spray painted one set with black Valspar spray paint, but it is starting to chip.  

Step 2: Building the Pieces.

This uses lots of specialty and odd parts. Depending on where you buy them (I went to Ace), you may have to special order some. My pieces all use 1/2" diameter parts. The bases are all 1/2" kep nuts or phlanged hex nuts, depending on what you can find. Castle nuts were used in the kings, queens, and rooks. Threaded rod was cut for the rooks, bishops, and kings. The bishops are topped with lock nuts. You could also use cap nuts. I have several washers on some pieces, and a toothed washer on the kings and queens.

Step 3: Finishing It All Up

Paint or finish the parts that need to be a different color, and set them up as you would any other chess set. Have fun!

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    I made one of these several years ago. I left one bunch the metal color and painted the others flat black. I guess I should have straightened them up a little for the picture. I was also thinking of something like flat washers to use to play checkers also. The board is a lipped wood base, big nuts for the feet, with a checkered bandanna and glass on top of that. The home improvement store guys were very curious what I was doing going through all the nut and bolt bins. Very nice job, it's not as easy as it looks!

    chess set.jpg
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    Nice looking set too, but again board is not set up properly.

    Kings and Queens should be facing each other?? I don't play chess and guess when I dusted at one time I put them back wrong.

    hey bro, the board looks nice but function is #1 priority. It is easy to google proper setup without me. The way you have it is not a real game. Good luck!

    Lol you present it as a Chess game. A simple common mistake that can easily be corrected, yet you are okay with showing how NOT to set it up. "Art piece" whatever.

    This is an Art Piece. I don't care about functionality but if I ever do I will be sure and google proper position :)

    Not trying to troll, but it's surprising how many chessboards are not set up properly. Please google and show us the right way.

    Well thank you. I think the best part of it was seeing my dad's reaction on Christmas day.