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Introduction: Old Rod Blow Pipe

As a new member i was a bit nervous about posting something but thought "every journey starts with the first step". Hope you Enjoy... I was tinkering in my workshop and found a broken fishing rod and thought "That'll come in handy for something" and today it did. This is my first Instructable so here goes: My Blow Pipe.......Materials are...1 Rod (top section is what i used), Old cigarette Rolling mat (for dart but anything can be used (like cocktail sticks)). Sand Paper ( I used number 50 grit but any medium grit will do), Party Popper,Clear nail Varnish ( or PVA glue, i like to use the varnish it drys Quicker),Stanley or Craft Knife, An Old Shoe Lace.....

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Step 1: Step 1

Remove Rings and Bindings on Rod and Sand to Blank Carbon (don't forget to smooth the ends)

Step 2: Cut Open Popper

Cut open Party Popper with knife carefully and remove contents (save snapper and end cap for another project later)

Step 3: Mouth Peice

Using the top of the plastic shell remove the end peice where the string comes out and use the pipe peice and place it on the end of the Rod peice for a Mouth Guard.....THATS THE BLOW PIPE COMPLEATE................

Step 4: Pipe Dart

Seperate the Shoe Lace....I cut each end and then pull the insides out (thin twine is always usefull)....Then i cut the outer shell down the middle (length ways) and open it up.........Its Annoying and Fiddley.........The cut 4 peices of the outer skin into 2inch (4cm) bits......These are the Flights for your Darts.

Step 5: Dart

Remove 1 peice of Rolling Mat and Sand or sharpen to a point..I like to sand minei think it looks better ..(i like to use rolling mats the dowl is a good standard)............Experiment with Dart length i usually find 6" (15cm) is Ideal...

Step 6: Flights

Place the 4 bits of outer lace on the blunt end and wrap a length of inner lace around until tight and give it a coat of Nail Varnish and blow or leave to dry..You can use PVA but i find Nail Varnish drys Quicker...............

Step 7: The Fun Begins

Place the Dart in the Pipe and poke down just enough for the Flight to go below the surface............Now aim and blow.............HAVE FUN BUT PLEASE DONT AIM IT AT ANY LIVING THING (that includes your brother or sister..Oh the wife said nor the kids) IT MAYBE A TOY BUT ITS QUITE POWERFUL AND WILL HURT AND BLIND...........................THANKS FOR LOOKING ( Im making a bigger one using a pole section and bike spokes)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good work! This remember me my childhodd, I did many of these, I liked them a

    I used the upper part of canes, just below the flower. There is a segment of 12-15 inches, perfectly straight and without knots. But instead of darts, I used privet seeds, it was very fun to shoot a handfull of them to a mate!