Old Wooden Box Restoration




The box is about 150 years old, the color faded, mechanical function is bad.

It's pretty bad looking and that's why it's in the workshop, so let's get started!

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Step 1: Removing the Surface With Anti Silicone

This procedure is very important, because it's easier to sanding with sanding paper.

Step 2: Other Steps in Preparations

Image 1: Removal of old veneer

Image 2: Sanding surface

Image 3: After sanding

Image 4: Marking a new piece of wood

Image 5: Adding it and drying it and Image 6: It's look pretty good

And after all preparations I put in a new veneer... (Image 7)

Step 3: Painting

And after a long preparation goes painting and varnishing.

For varnishing I used acrylic lacquer 30% shine.

Step 4: The Last Step, Returning All Parts

Returning all parts with glue for wood.

Step 5: And Last Look, Before and After

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    1 year ago

    Beautiful job!

    What is Anti Silicone? Looks just the thing I have been looking for.