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Introduction: Orange Candle

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This instructable will show how to make a candle from any citrus and kitchen oil in minutes.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1) Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon
2) Knife
3) Any type of oil, Vegetable, Olive, Canola, etc.

Step 2: Remove the Middle

Remove / eat the middle portion of the orange being careful to leave the middle stem like portion intact.  I found removal easiest by using a sharp knife and digging out the middle starting with the edge closest to the outside of the orange.

*Caution - Do not ingest the orange if you have extreme citrus allergies and/or fear of oranges or spherical objects.

Step 3: Fill & Light

Fill the cavity with any type of oil such as Vegetable or olive oil to just below the center stem like wick.  Light the center stem like wick.  This orange candle burned for most of the day.  Below are the before and after pictures.

Step 4: Top

The other half can also be used as a cover by similarly hollowing the center and cutting a circle in the top.  Thinning the white skin under the thicker orange portion will give the candle a softer orange glow.

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This is probably a dumb question, but would melted vegetable fat/butter/lard/shortening work instead of oil??

It probably won't but my mum won't let me use her cooking oil but lets me use this packet of expired butter.

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I don't know but it sounds like a perfect opportunity for an experiment. Let us know :)

This is one awesome idea ! Thanks for sharing.
I messed up a bit tho I think coz for the life of me could not get it to light up - so I did the next best thing and used a wick and part of a broken lamp to hold the wick in place. I also used 2 more rinds from failed attempts :) to 'decorate'.

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Ooh, I love the cut design around the perimeter!!

I love your "failed attempts"; imo your modifications are an improvement on the already cool idea. Be proud! You ARE THE Orange! That's a compliment. Thanks for "failing" cuz I'll start by using your pattern; I like it best! Vikki

A couple of helpful hints for all of you....if you get the "wick" wet with the juice of the orange (or lime, or lemon, or grapefruit) then it won't stay lit. Also, remember you need the oil to soak into the wick for a few minutes. The oil will also soak into the white part of the skin of the citrus so you may need to add just a little more oil for reserve (not too much!). What is really cool is that when the flame really gets going, the oil soaked skin will glow!

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Btw, you can get the top to glow too, but you have to soak that with oil as well...and before you start cutting airhole designs into it. Then you can cut your airhole on top and designs around the sides and voila!


2 years ago

cool, is it possible to make one with coconut oil?

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Oil is oil. I just made one using "used.....motor oil!" LOL!! It sits out on the veranda now.


*Caution - Do not ingest the orange if you have extreme citrus allergies and/or fear of oranges or spherical objects.

fear of oranges or spherical objects?

Ha! I wonder how many people read it close enough to see that :) Congrats! I'm not sure if coconut oil would work. Let the experimenting begin

I already created mine, but I'm still trying to figure out what is more better to use, lamp oil or cooking oil, I really need help, this is for my investigatory proj, thank you in advance :)

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Andrea, I actually have no idea, but now that you mention it I am VERY curious. For your investigatory project try using the scientific meathod: first create a hypothesis and then test a variety to determine if your hypothesis was correct. Your constant will be orange candles and your variable will be the different types of oil. In other words make a few orange candles and test each type of oil. You can rate them based on your observations (how long they burn, how easy they lite, which smells the best, cost of the oil, etc)

My ignorant sense of humor led me to try all our oils here.....they all work.....even "used oils". We have a ton of oil lamps with spare bottles of oil.....we love our Aladdin oil and old-timey lamps, of course.

So, I tried fresh oils of all sorts to include motor oils....back to my humor.....yup, used motor oils, used veggie oils and, hating kerosene, I did not try that! ((:

Hint: If this is something you or anyone would do, just empty the oil out of the orange bowl and into anything as you try different oils - one type at a time - and you need but one orange system to test the different oils.

Therefore, a person could get more oranges at their leisure. I'm going to try the pumpkin face idea for the second half of the orange.

Remember, if you break the skin, tape it up. One would get better at the peeling process as they try another orange. And, all citrus fruit would probably make a candle. I'm thinking about trying a lime, lemon or perhaps a grapefruit?

Oil is oil. I've got a Betty Lamp now using bacon grease. Works great; less filling ((: