Organise Your Room With a Fancy Umbrella Rack!!

Introduction: Organise Your Room With a Fancy Umbrella Rack!!

What do you do with your umbrellas that you no longer need? Do you throw them out? Well, this tutorial will show you a unique way to repurpose your old umbrellas so that you can use it to decorate/organise you room!!
Not only is this simple and doesn't consume much time, but it can also be used in various situations for various purposes, so that's all up to you. And when you want to put the umbrella rack can simply just fold it up! As you can see in the photos though, you're going to end up hanging it so I would not recommend using this to organise really heavy things. But other than that, I would say that it can be used for mostly anything.
Now...let's get started!!!

Step 1: Gather Up Your Materials!

What you'll need:

- umbrella

- clips (wooden ones would look nice)

- cloth

- string (any kind)

- a pair of pliers

- scissors

- something to make a hole with

... that's it! Simple, right?

Step 2: Preparation

1. Take off the plastic cover from your umbrella as much as possible, using scissors.

Note: Try to take it off carefully so that you can use the plastic sheet later.

2. Cut off all the ribs at the tip of the umbrella, using pliers. (So that it would turn out to be like the umbrella in the picture.)

Step 3: Kitchen Section


⇒For all of the following steps: In order to make the umbrella foldable, don't tie anything to the lower ribs of the umbrella.

So here we go.

Cut out the sheet of the umbrella into a shape that is a little bigger than the length in between adjacent ribs, and a little longer than the length of a rib.

Make 8 holes to tie 4 strings to the ribs. (So you'll end up with 4 strings to secure the plastic onto the top rib of the umbrella!) Fold the sheet that is left at the tip of the umbrella inwards, like you're rolling it up. Make some holes on the sheet to swirl a string through it like you're sewing it, to avoid things on you will be putting on the sheet from falling over.

Note: When you make holes the first time, make sure you loosen the sheet so that when you tie them on to the umbrella, you can actually put things in it.

Step 4: Photo Section

Tie any length of strings to the adjacent ribs. Put clips on them.

Step 5: Accessory Section

Prepare a piece of cloth that has moe length than 3 adjacent ribs and cover it around 2 adjacent ribs. To hold the cloth together, make a hole where the 2 triangular shapes, that are not covered by the upper layer of the cloth, meet. Also, secure the cloth by tying strings through it. Make big knots to hold it in place.

Step 6: Hanging Section

Tie some pieces of string onto a rib, making circles a little smaller than the thing that you are going to hang.

...And you're done!!!

But just remember, we showed some examples here but the storage spaces can also be used to hold phones, books, writing utensiles, accessories, glasses......and many more, according to your needs!!! You can even hang ornaments or wrap tinsils or lights on for Christmas decoration!

Enjoy ;)

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