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Introduction: Outdoor Deck Gate

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We needed a gate to keep our pooch corralled on our new deck, keep him from running amok down the gangway or scaring the neighbor dog. I wanted this gate to not only swing but also be removable.

Now, before I go on, note this gate is not for everyone and not for every situation but there are some great ideas and tips in this that can be applied to many things. Use your best judgement. We know our dog and he's always supervised around this gate so please don't freak out.

Step 1: Gather Supplies.

My supply list was pretty simple and the total came to around $12.50 or so.



Lift off hinges

Eye hooks

Hook and eye

Step 2: Assemble the Frame.

After measuring the opening at the top of our deck stair, I cut the 2x2 to size to make a 3' x 2' gate. Plain ol' butt joints, gave them a pilot drill, then fancy glued and screwed them with galvanized screws I had on hand. While the glue set up, I painted the whole frame with a white exterior paint.

Step 3: Attach Eye Hooks.

Along the long rails I measured out every 3", pilot drilled a tiny hole and cranked in the eye hooks. Along the shorter rails, I went from center 3" out to the ends.

Step 4: Fun Time!

Now for the real fun part. String the paracord through the eye hooks however you'd like. I had 50' and ran a bit short of making it through all the hooks. But it sure came out super fun!

Step 5: Attach.

The lift off hinges are where this design generated from and my last step was to install them. Turns out they were quite small so I had to be careful getting them on the post and then on the frame.

Excellent hinges though -- they totally work. The gate swings as needed and when we're done hanging on the deck, we pop off the gate and store it in the garage. Sweet!

Step 6: Enjoy the Benefits.

I used a big hook and eye, super simple, to lock the gate with. And now we've got a calm dog hanging on the deck with us, keeping him out of harms way! Plus the gate looks darn cool. So win win all around!

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    10 Discussions

    Nice job! It might be a bit easier to hang the gate if you make a small bevel on the ends of the hinge pins and/or the holes on the hinge plates where you insert the pins.

    1 reply

    Beautiful. Not only for dogs, but this gate protects crawling baby too ;)

    1 reply

    It can so long as you keep an eye on baby, that it doesn't get tangled. Thanks!

    It's beautiful.

    Obviously your dog is a lover of fine art.

    Thank you

    1 reply

    I love it! I have a pretty janky doggy gate made from bits of leftover railing that my neighbor gave me, but I might need to upgrade to this one. :D

    1 reply