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    Hi,have you ever looked at some guy playing music through a computer by pressing buttons?And you say to your self... "i could make one of those fancy instruments myself",And you just start twinkering some stuff at your desk until you get them right?I did.

First things first,That "instrument" is called a MIDI controller.A midi controller is used to send Midi data to your music software or DAW (digital audio workspace) so we could tinker and lollygag with all those buttons and make some noise.

In this instructable i will be making a Clip launcher for Ableton live from scratch...


I Decided To make my "box" at short noticed so i gathered all the materials at my house (Because im such a boss).Anyways the goal of the project is to make a simple yet usable "prototype of a midi controller " which i can use with ableton,so the looks can be a little too ghetto for some people.

-12 Pushbuttons
-A USPS flat rate shipping box (Case)
-An Ipac (From my arcade controller which i borrowed for awhile)
-X-acto knive

Step 2: LAYOUT

Lay out the buttons and position the ipac so it can be fitted inside the box.

I opted for a 4 x 3 button grid,i know its a bit less than the usual midi controllers launcher you see in the market but due to the budget and time had to crack up this idea i had to do wih what i have.

Step 3: Cutting

First i use the compass to measure roughly the inlet of the button,then i make circles in the box to mark where i cut,i also use the ruler to straighten up the lines.After the layout is just right,begin cuting the holes with an xacto knive.Heres a tip,when cutting,dont go dead on the circle lines you made,go a bit wider because it'l make room for the screws on the button if your button have grooves on them.

Step 4: Finishing,...(for Now)

After the buttons are cutted,put the buttons in and admie your "box with useless buttons",Dont worry on the next part will start focusing on the electronics to make this box usefull.Untill then,rock hard folks!



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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 3

    well i have worked with some arcade buttons in the past and arcade buttons have plastic "nuts" which are used on the inside of the hole to secure the button from one of the sides.Assuming these work the same way i just followed my instinct. They worked out for me at least. So how do you secure the buttons the right way?


    6 years ago on Step 3

    Those are NOT just grooves! Those are threads! You are supposed to unscrew the nut from around the button, and pot it on the opposite side of the board to secure the buttons. (Which is why you are supposed to actually use something harder, like masonite, so you can drill correctly-sized holes)