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Introduction: PVC Man - Book Tablet Holder Display

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PVC Man - Book Tablet Holder Display

Today I am introducing the PVC Man. He is easy to build and fun to play with. I love to place him in different positions to see everything he can do. He is great at relaxing on the porch, holding a tablet or book, watching TV, Meditating, and shooting our rubber band machine gun. He can be positioned in a funny way to propose or maybe beg. He would even make a great addition to a Library. The positions are endless and everyone can enjoy him.

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To make the body you will need:

[10] Elbows

[4] End Caps

[1] T-connector

[1] 4-way

[8] 3-inch pipes

[1] 6-inch pipe

[6] 1.25-inch pipes


The assembly is simple and straight forward. The 4-way is at the top and connects the body to the shoulders with the 1.25-inch pipes. The T-connector is at the bottom and attaches the legs to the body with the 1.25-inch pipes. Each body joint uses an Elbow for maximum turning range. And the end caps are the feet and hands. The feet are also connected with the 1.25-inch pipes. It is very simple and easy.


After making the body, I wanted to make the head to be proportional, so I first used an old baseball. I carefully drilled a hole just big enough for the PVC to slide inside. It looked great and any baseball fan should love it. I liked it, but thought it was missing something. A light bulb is a great idea, but that would take some additional wiring and there is a chance of breaking. So I started playing with some more PVC and came up with an easy to assemble head. This new head makes our creation look more like a robot.

To make the head you will need:

1.5-inch section of 1/2-inch pipe

1/2-inch to 3/4-inch adaptor

3/4-inch coupling

1-inch End Cap

1-inch section of 1.5 inch pipe

1.5-inch End Cap


The only modification I made with these parts was to cut the 3/4-inch coupling in half so it would sit flush in the end cap. Then, starting from the smallest to largest, I pressed each piece into the next. All of the parts slid in without much effort. The head then fit nicely on to the body.

The PVC Man is fun to play with and looks great on any shelf reading a book. You can place him in many positions and locations for a good laugh.

He can be used as a Tablet holder, book holder, and makes a great display holder for my PVC Airsoft Gun that I made in a previous video. And I am sure you can think of many other ways to use him in your home or at the office.


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    16 Discussions

    I am going to have to buy a mountain of pvc. This is adorable. I will need to make a dozen of them.

    for which do these dimensions *3-inch,6-inch&1.25inch* refer to ?!!
    Length or depth

    These ideas and their videos are the greatest entertainment I've found in years! I'm almost 90 and some I can make and some just look at. You have unleashed a blessing to the world!

    1 reply

    Loved this project. I had my kids make 3 and I was lucky enough to get one. It holds my portable dvd player at the right height in my sewing room. Thanks!

    Superb, superb Specific.

    Brings alot of memories when I used to "clay up " the wooden manikin a couple years ago.

    Your sample will be a terrific modeling figure for any project involving modeling.

    1 reply

    Really clever idea! I may make this and paint it up and use it to hold my headphones! Really cool for a kids toy too.

    1 reply