Pallet Desktop Planters




Introduction: Pallet Desktop Planters


What are they? They are desktop planter boxes, ready to be filled with plants ranging from succulents to moss and even to mini bamboo. Pretty self-explanatory.

Mine were made out of pallets as to fit the style of my desk (a pallet desk of course!). It certainly looks very nice on my desk.

And yes it is basically a cube....

Step 1: Materials

Disassembled Pallets/Weathered Wood - I won't write out another whole guide on how to disassemble pallets, because there are already some good ones! here are some:

Pallet Safety

How to disassemble a pallet

How to properly dismanted a wooden pallet (

Plastic Cups (need to fit in your planter)


Wood Glue

Soil/Potting Mix

The plant (obviously)


Cordless Drill/Screw Drivers/Hammer


Step 2: Preperation

It's really easy, simply measure it all up and cut it.

I wanted mine to be 60mm wide, so what I did was measure the width of the wood, and then subtract that from the 60 then some more math works out how big the bottom should be. Its easy, just sand it a bit and you're all good.

Step 3: Assembling

Now, get your nails/screws and nail/screw them into the wood, I did 2 on each side for a total of 8. You can glue them if you wish however it isn't essential as the joints won't be holding much weight. Also don't forget to nail/screw the bottom. Then you can use wood putty if you wish, I did, but it isn't essential and can look very odd if it isn't the right colour for the wood.

You may want to sand it some more now if you want...

Step 4: Planting

I'm no gardener, I will say that. I just google stuff and find out info from other people.

So I basically went out and bought the lucky bamboo in a vial. Then I just got a plastic cup that would fit into the wood well enough (so that the water won't flow out onto the desk) and filled it halfway with soil. The trick I found out from google is that you should make sure the root face down in the soil and not up, so I put the bamboo in with the soil halfway and then filled it up fully with dirt and put it into the pot, it was that simple! Later I am planning to also put moss in the pot, but that is for the future.

A quick note too, when watering the lucky bamboo, you need to use (basically) pure water. e.g. distilled water, bottled water, tank water, just NOT tap water (lots of minerals etc).

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    5 years ago

    It looks pretty good, but bamboos don't really like to sprinkle them from above with water. So, if you cut some holes from under it would be perfect :)