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Do you want to know how a pallet can be turned into a coffee table with a map of Westeros on top of it? Well, then your in luck!

Items needed:

  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Set Square
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape
  • Map of Westeros in desired size (or some other pattern)
  • Wood burner(? Do unfortunately not know the English word for it...)


  • Pallet

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Step 1: A Detailed Video, Just for You! :)

Here is a instruction video I made for this project. All steps are shown here including the final result! :)

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means a lot to me! :)

Step 2: Break It Apart!

Break the pallet apart. Try to remove all planks and wood pieces as carefully as possible. This will leave you with a bunch of material to build your table! And as a bonus, if the pallet is older or slightly more used your table will look naturally old :)

Step 3: Measure, Cut and Attach

Lay as many planks you think is required for the tracing picture you are going to burn into the table top. For mine it required four.

We do now need to attach these planks to each other. To do this I used some broken pieces from the pallet. I also wanted a border around the bottom side of the table top. There for I left some extra room while cutting the horizontal pieces. (see picture)

Then screw all four table top planks to both horizontal scrap pieces.

When this is done it is once one more time to place the tracing picture on top of the table top. This time center the tracing picture both horizontal and vertical so you are able to cut of the excess length of the four planks.

Step 4: Attach the Border and Legs

I used some of the large wood cubes from the pallet, cut them in half and then used these to attach the border planks. Place them so you evenly can spread the border. Try the placement out by holing some planks to act as the border. Make sure the planks is following the tabletop edges. When you are pleased screw theses into the table top.

To make the border it self I measured the thickness of the plank, then from the outside of both wooden cubes (thous I am going to attach them on), then to that length I added the thickness of the plank x2.

I cut the planks with a 45* cut, but that is optional regarding to your tools and taste! But if you want to make this kind of border you need to cut both ends of the border plank. Make sure your planks end up as a cone, the cuts shall be in different directions.

Then screw the planks to the wooden cubes.

I then simply attached some wooden planks as legs to the border.

Step 5: From Pencil to Burner

It is now time to make the art work on top of the table top. Place the tracing picture on top of the table top, centered. Use some tape to hold it in place. Trace the important lines of the picture by using the pencil. Press hard sins you want to make a mark in the wood.

After all important lines is marked it is now time to trace it once more with the wood burner.

Step 6: Details

Once all the guidelines is burned you can start adding the details you want to your map. Names, mountains, lakes, roads... it is up you you what you want! :)

Sins I used a butane driven wood burner I made a shaded burn mark from the lines towards the mainland. This gives the effect of that the lands raises from the sea. I then kept adding details that I wanted to make it personal.

And there we are! A finished coffee table from only one pallet.

Thanks for reading, if you have not, please take a look at the video in step two. It helps me a lot! :)

Take care and happy crafting!

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    23 Discussions


    4 years ago

    FYI English word for wood burner is wood burner. Love the Instructable!

    2 replies

    4 years ago

    Wow great project, i love to do one


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Not as much of an issue in most countries is Europe but in the US and other parts of the world, if you are going to be making anything with wood pallets ESPECIALLY if you will be burning on them you need to make sure the there is a stamp on the side of the pallet that says HT (heat treated) somewhere on it. If it doesn't it means it was most likely chemichly debarked and you don't want to be working with those ones. I work in a warehouse where at any given time we probably have around 1000 pallets and I would say probably 95% ARE heat treated but you come across some occasionally that aren't and you definitely want to avoid those.

    1 reply
    Victor Doespatdoherty

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Great tip! I do not know how it is in the rest of Europe, but in Sweden all shall be heat treated, (I guess it is the same fore all EU countries). :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Like the table and your pallet broke apart well ( not always the case ). If you only care about the one side of the wood. I find a Sawzall ( corded ) and a good Demo blade goes through the nails like butter. I break down Pallets a lot and find this to be the easiest method. Just a suggestion.


    4 years ago

    I'm curious if the techniques used to prevent the charing of wood in laser burning would also apply here

    3 replies
    jdevendorfVictor Does

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I haven't either but read many suggestions to put tape or some sort of mask affixed to the surface so when the burn happens it doesn't scorch the surrounding area. Here( are some tips if you ever get the chance. LOVE the project none the less, just was curious about it