Paper Lamp




Introduction: Paper Lamp

Learn how to make your own paper lamp.

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Step 1: Tearing Newspaper

First, tear up pieces of newspaper into very small pieces.

Step 2: Soak Paper

Once a paper is torn up put the pieces into a bowl and fill it with water. The paper should soak over a few days, every day come back and tear up soaking pieces so that it turns to pulp. Once the paper has completely turned to pulp it is done soaking.

Step 3: Straining Pulp and Laying Out Paper

In order to make the paper for the lamp, you will need a screen. To make the screen you can use a found plastic basket and cover it with a thin fabric. Attach the fabric using staples or push pins. Using a cup scoop up some pulp filling half the cup. Then add water to the rest of the cup. Starting from the middle of the screen pour out the pulp onto the screen. The pulp will catch and the water will fall out. Cover the entire screen with pulp. Carry the screen over to an area pre-covered with paper. Pull out pins and lift fabric off the plastic container and onto the paper to dry.

Step 4: Taking Off Paper

Let the paper dry for around 8 hours. Once the paper is dry on the fabric lift the fabric off the paper on the ground. Then starting from the corners peel back the fabric off the paper. The paper should come off easily. Afterward, pile heavy objects on the paper to flatten.

Step 5: Later Cutting/ Cutting by Hand

Cut down four pieces of paper to be 11"x15". Then upload the templates below into a laser cutter software and place the paper into the cutter bed. Being sure to only score the paper, this is because its handmade laser cutting will be difficult. Afterward, cut out each piece around the outer edge, they should look like the photos above.

Also included is the math done to determine to the size of each piece of paper.

**note** if you do not have access to a laser cutter this can all be done using an Exacto knife

Step 6: Bulb Holder Setup

Take a plastic bottle and cut it in half. The bottom half should be cut down slightly more depending on the size of the bottle so that it can stand and hold the lightbulb. The top of the bottle will slide and hold onto the bottom on the bottle, cut out and half over in the bottom of the bottle to fit the bulb. Move the wires so that they slide down the bottle.

Step 7: Shade Setup

The laser cut pieces should each be scored, one with larger and other with smaller intervals. Each piece has tabs on both ends. One scored rectangle over make a cut through the paper horizontal to the tab on one side of the paper. Each cylinder will use two pieces of paper. Then roll up the piece of paper and next insert the tabs into the cuts. They should stand up as seen below.

Then place the cylinder with larger scored intervals on top of the other cylinder over the bulb and its holder

Step 8: Final Lamp

Now turn on your lamp. Congratulations you are done, this lamp can alter positions depending on how you set up the two paper cylinders, have fun.

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    3 years ago

    I love the texture of the homemade paper, it's really pretty :)