Peephole Heart Candle Jar



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We're fired up about this lovely DIY Valentine's Day peephole heart candle jar. It's so fast, easy and fun to make!

Step 1: What You Need

Here's what you'll need to create this Valentine's Day inspired peephole candle jar.

  • Chalk paint
  • White paint pen
  • Ldded glass jar
  • Wooden knob
  • Hot glue gun

You'll also need ...

  • 1 Preval Sprayer
  • Painter's tape
  • Exacto knife
  • Damp paper towel
  • Candle

Step 2: Make an Easy Heart Stencil

Press a couple strips of painter’s tape to the glass jar, and draw a heart onto it.

Next, use an exacto knife to score along the lines of your drawing. Carefully remove the tape, leaving the heart shape in place.

Step 3: Prepare the Preval Sprayer & Spray

To prepare the Preval Sprayer, add 2.5 ounces of chalk paint and 1 oz. of water to the jar. Cap, shake and attach the spray can.

Spray the outside of the candle jar, taking care to not spray the inside. When you’re done, let the paint dry, and then spray a second coat. Also, spray the wooden knob from all angles.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When the jar is dry, remove the remaining tape to reveal a clear heart shape. Wipe away any stray paint, caught under the tape, with a damp paper towel.

Use your white paint pen to embellish the jar and wooden knob. Finally, hot glue the knob onto the center of the jar lid.

When you’re done, gift this Valentine’s Day love jar to your flame or We hope this Valentine’s day project stokes the flames of your DIY heart.



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