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About: I can't be the only person who spend their whole time making stuff and then never using it?!

I’ve thought about building a Penny Pusher for quite a while. Something I can play with to my heart’s content and not spend money on. I searched the internet about a year before making this one to see if anyone else had built one. To my surprise there was very little information on them. A couple of posts on some web forums and not much else. A few weeks ago I came across a Coin Pusher on instructables. This spurred me into action, I had to have one!

I've got more information about it on my website: Penny Pusher




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    From the submission page: "Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own. " This is me showing off what I made. For instructions (actually more of a commentary on my build) see my website that I linked to. :)

    True. Also from the submission page: "What is an Instructable? An Instructable is a step-by-step guide showing how you made or did something." which I think is more in keeping with the spirit of the site.

    Yep - nice quoting - that was for an Instructable. This isn't an instructable, it's a video! I have the feeling you're out to provoke a reaction or just plain bored either way this is my last reply on the subject, have a nice day! :)

    I apologize. I'm not keeping up with the site and hadn't realized videos of completed stuff were legit. Thank you for setting me straight in a non-conflictive way. "My bad", sorry. Very neat device.

    thanks for apologising and the compliment. I get frustrated when I see videos that demonstrate stuff and then there is absolutely nothing on how they're made. @Bongmaster I did a video because I figured people might like to see this and I have put a lot of photos of the build on my website along with very rough hand drawn plans. It's not too complicated to work out what's going on. I considered doing this project with the notion of it being an instructable. I decided not to because I wanted to focus on just the build and I knew things would change around so pictures etc would get confusing.


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    I know I'm a little late to enter the discussion, but in this case wouldn't it be better if you had posted your video at Youtube? It would be more suitable.


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    I don't quite understand what you mean. Here is a link to the youtube video of my penny pusher :)


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    Awesome! Just saw you featured on the Make: Blog. Great stuff! I always use these machines when I go to arcades. It's true. Even when you do win, you don't win back the amount of coins/tokens that you put in! Nic job.