Pep Pets - a Peanut Pup-Pet.

Introduction: Pep Pets - a Peanut Pup-Pet.

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Try these small puppets who will entertain you when you're bored. It takes only five minutes to make this cute puppets. I made a cool guy in this instructable. you could make your own characters, own storyline, own hairstyle, own eye color and just entertain your friends and family or yourself. A great boredom buster.

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Here are my answers to the Make-to-Learn Contest questions:

1. What did you make?

I wanted to entertain my friends on a boring day, thought about puppets and just an idea sparked in my mind. there were peanuts in the kitchen,  some woolen thread, some black beads and a marker pen. I made the peanut as the face, used the thread for the hair and beads for the eyes for a cool rockstar puppet.

2. How did you make it?

This was made to make everyone laugh, to fight boredom temporarily. so I used a peanut shell, which has a funny, wobbly shape. This was made on my own and took just five mins. My finger couldn't get inside the shell, so I just cut a narrow line at the back, which made it flexible.

3. Where did you make it?

It was made on my home, after doing that, I made my own storyline and made everyone laugh. I also passed the puppet to everyone. They made a new story with it. Some stories was really great, and some was really hilarious. Finally we had a nice hour without boredom.

4.What did you learn?

It was my first time making and playing puppet shows, and had a really fun experience. Nothing more to say, just fun.

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Step 1: Materials Required

1) A peanut with shell
2) Two beads for the eyes
3) Woolen thread for the hair
4) A marker pen
5) glue (hot glue recommended)
6) A knife.

Step 2: And Start Making...

It is a cakewalk to make this project.
just cut the peanut shell into half horizontally at the middle part when kept vertically. now clean out the inside things and try out if you can get your finger inside. if not possible, cut a thin line vertically on a side but not fully, for flexibility and check again. now take the thread and cut it into smaller pieces. now stick it with the help of hot glue on the top of the shell and below that, stick the two beads for the appearance of an eye. then draw out a nose and a mouth with the marker. Now what? your pup-pet is absolutely ready.
Just enjoy with it.

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