Photo Embroidery DIY





Introduction: Photo Embroidery DIY

DIY your own photo embroidery.

Step 1: Make Embroidery File.

1,Make dst file and SVG file by our software.Turn your own photo into embroidery format.

Step 2: Upload to Pad

Upload the files to your iPad ,our App will show the embroidery file as a movie.

Step 3: Embroider

You could embroider by our embroidery easel.

The embroidery easel project the image on Ipad screen onto the canvas.

Step 4: Finished Products

Finish your work.

The photo embroidery is best then similar product.

If you are interested, please send me an email to



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    15 Discussions

    I'm trying to make one for my son. I don't understand! I have an embroidery machine but I can't figure out how to do it. Please explain. I'm so excited about making this. How many hours do you have in this? What is the glass used for.

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    We use ourselves software to turn a photo into a dst file,and then you can make it with your machine.I’m trying to sale the service and finished embroidery in Wish or ebay.But for American embroidery machine user, You need lots of threads in different colors.Maybe 40-90 colors every photo. So tell me what type of thread you had or easy to buy.and Email me your son's photo , I will turn the photo into dst.It's free rightnow ,but if you need Chinese thread which is 1$ per 3000yards ,I can help you to buy it in China.

    I will email you about the embroidery

    Excuse me .My Engilish is horrible in writing,But fairy good in reading.Chinese English education just tell us how to read :(

    Thomask19 is right! He's professional!

    Maybe you can share where you got the easel from. Or if you made it yourself, then a little sketch?

    The glass works as half-transparent mirror. It's set in the angle of 45 deg between pad and the embroidery. When you look down through the glass you see the reflection of the pad as well as at the right position the embroidery below. So you're able to make exact stitches.

    Painters have used that technique since (I guess) 16/17th century.

    Note. It must not be exactly 45 degrees. But the angle between glass and embroidery and the one between glass and pad must be the same.

    Bingo! you are right!My English is poor in writing,Thanks for your explanation.