Plan B for 'removing' Super Glue Stain in Clothing

I got some Acetone to remove Super Glue from a pair of trousers I really like. It didn't work that well, in fact the Acetone caused it to dilute and sink well in to the material leaving a nasty stain. Worse still the glue stain caused the cotton to crack. Couldn't believe my favourite trousers were ruined by a dodgy looking stain.

Then I got inspired and thought of a way to fix it.

Step 1: Cover Stain With Pillow Case (cotton!)

OK I did this with a Polycotton pillowcase and that didn't work so well. Then I ironed over the patch for 30 seconds, with the iron set on full.

Step 2: OK Here Is the Secret - I Used an Iron on Patch (£1)

Much nicer to have an iron on patch, for £1, than a horrible looking stain. I chose a Star Trek patch (of course).

Now my trousers are usable again!



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    Those are some sneaky quotation marks. I was kind of hoping for a miracle. I was kind of let down. You may want to consider 'removing' the 'removing'. Glad your pants are working though. It was a nice ironing on of a nice iron on.

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    acetone works a bit but eventually the superglue just got deeper and deeper into the fabric and caused a hole to appear. It might well work but i couldnt make it work for me so I had discarded the trousers before getting inspired and patching!