Plant Safe

About: College student perusing a degree in electrical engineering

what you will need
fake plant
foam circle
shoe box


Step 1: Lid

take the pot and put it upside down on the cardboard then treace a circle around rim. next cut that circle out and trim it so it will easily fit 2 inches into the pot.

Step 2: Base

repeat what you did with step one except use the bottom. place the cut out price in the pot and glue it in.

Step 3: Support

cut out an inch wide strip of cardboard and glue it around the inside of the container 2 inches down so the lid can rest on it.

Step 4: Top

take the foam circle and trim the sides down so it will fit to the lid rest on the inside of the pot. Then take a lighter and melt the outside edges very fast so they are sealed.

Step 5: Attaching Plant

push the stem of the fake plant through the foam and then glue it in to the foam, you should leave about an inch of space at the top so the plant will look natural.

Step 6: Finished

so now just put the cover on and you are done this space should fit almost anything you need to hide. also this will work with most containers and plants.



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