Plastic Wine Rack

Introduction: Plastic Wine Rack

This is a plastic wine rack I made for, and at work. Although we had a nice display wine rack elsewhere, we didn't have a decent wine rack behind the bar. The rack was made entirely out of stuff we had around the restaurant. The whole thing took a couple hours from concept to finished product. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

1. 2-liter soda rack x2 (Anyplace that sells 2 liter bottles has these, but  most send them back to to whatever soda company. One place that I found might have them is churches since they don't always have regular deliveries and pick ups of soda racks)
2.  Wire Cutters  -To cut the racks
3. 1 5/8" screws x6
4. Powered drill
5. 1.25"x.5" plywood board
6. Direct to plastic paint (optional)

I imagine all of the materials could be replaced with something else. Such as different length screws or different wood. This is just what I used because it was available.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Cut the wood to 7.5". You will need 6 of them. I used the plywood because it was lying around, but in retrospect, I might as well have used the yard stick I used to measure with.

7.5" was enough of a distance so that the bottles would tip out but not so deep that I couldn't see the labels.

Step 3: Cutting the Racks

Use the wire cutters to cut out the bottoms of one of the racks.  Try to cut as close to the edges as possible, other wise the bottle might not slide in as easily.

Step 4: Adding the Bracers

Line up both racks on a table. Insert a piece of wood into an outside slot. Make sure each end is flush with the openings. Screw from the top just off center so you don't hit the support plastic. Screw in the back rack to the same bracer (keeping it flush) and repeat on all 6 outside slots.

Step 5: Paint the Racks and Done

Spray paint the rack whatever color you want, let it dry, and thats it.

I made two racks and stacked them behind the bar

The openings behind the racks allow it to be mounted on a wall fairly simply but on the counter behind the bar is enough for me. Thank you for reading.

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