Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0059




This desk-lamp is build by the keep-it-simple-and-stupid (KISS) principle. It is build quite similar as nr. 0056. The only differences are the dimensions of the wooden feet and size and angle of the lampshade.

Step 1: The Plan

First of was some doodling. The plan was to make a lamp for work at the office. The wood is a fine piece of oak. Dimensions are 12x18x2400mm. The third drawing shows the length and angles of the wood-pieces of one feet. Don't forget to make two of those ;).

Step 2: Glueing

First step of the assembly is glueing the wood-pieces together. I use clear tape on the combined parts, grippers and construction-glue in a disposable syringe to get a tight result. The tape prevents the grippers of becoming a part of the project..

Step 3: Toothpicks

2mm drill-holes are being made to accommodate toothpicks. This makes a stronger bond and looks fancy as well! The coned ends of the toothpick are cut of. The same glue is used to bond it all together. After drying the 'toothpick-residu' is cut of with an iron saw.

Step 4: Test Fit and Sanding

The lampshade is again made of a lovely biodegradable saladebowl. The hawk-eyed reader noticed that this lampshade is a bit larger than the one used for nr. 0056. Make markers by using a fineliner pencil and the contour of a little piece of oak. Two rectangular shaped entries need to be cut with use of a small hobby-knife. This is where the feet are inserted. A little bit too small is better than a bit too big. Next is sanding the wood for a flawless finish.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Here we jump to the final assembly. The shade has gotten a paint-job. Make a power-cord and connect a lamp-fitting to it. Wait with assembling the wall-socket adapter. Important step is filling the lamp-fitting with hot-glue to make a solid base. Let it harden before glueing the fitting on the inside of the shade.

The (in the meanwhile shortened) feet are inserted in the shade and fixated with hot-glue. This hardens within minutes. Be sure that the position of the feet are symmetrical. Next is a 7mm drill-hole in the shade between the two feet. Insert the power-cord and glue the fitting in the shade. I use a combination of construction-glue and hot-glue for a strong bond.

Step 6: Sweet :*

And there we witness the birth of another fine Plinth Eastwood. I love my little ones!

Warning: be safe and don't leave this DIY unattended.



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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Great lamp. very clean lines and design. Also, the background wall, is that wallpaper or something else. I love the design.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Nice to read that you like the lamp. The background is embossed wallpaper. After nearly a decade we are still madly in love with it..


    3 years ago

    woooow that is a neat result i am so making this!

    thanks heaps for sharing!:)

    4 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I may actually use the frame design you have on here, but use a torch for the light, without a beam but made to still look stylish... because i have already cut 2 light wires trying to get them off old lamps!!