Poop Prop

Ok, so i stumbled onto this site, my friend told me to check it out, so i was looking. so I had an idea to try and create "something", i was doing complete guess work to make this "something", i dont want to reveal what that "something" was, because i was NOWHERE near my objective "something". But by mixing a couple of household items, the unexpected Outcome was a literal piece of crap, it looked like crap, felt like crap, and also right after you boil out all the water, it even feels nice and warm like crap, but it doesnt smell like crap :( ...haha.

But seriously, even though this mixture has no known use (well at least to me, ..."so far") its a good replica which you can use for pranks, or jokes or maybe even as a movie prop, maybe im onto something that hollywood should pay me for, .... well even though im giving away my secret here...oh well..... only thing is that on the chappels show they did a simalar thing, except they melted a snickers bar, and such. but this is just kinda neat to do. and see what you come up with :)


Step 1: Gather Ingredients

im not sure whether all the ingredients that i put in, actually did anything benificial

here is what you definatly need based on my conclusion


Step 2: Mix, Boil, Yada

mix all dry ingredients together in dish, ....
keep about equal amounts of flour and salt.....
mix throughly .. add water

boil out water,use whatever you want pot, pan, bunsen burner. whatever, although you might ruin a pot or pan....... jsut get some heating goin on ( stir periodically)

boil water, untill it forms a kind of solid form, take off burner, scape into, onto whatever you want (will be hot)

(ill get a picture of this step when i do it again tommorow.... lol gotta show my friend, haha, i just made this today, and i highly doubtits been done before..... ive never seen it done before, so idk, i just had a mistake. i wasnt trying to make crap, but i really dont want to say what i was trying to make, cuz yea)

Step 3: Shape

you might get it somewhat crumbly, just press together like if it were playdough, have fun make it look crazy, whatever you want

Step 4: Assessment

So, i guess what happens is The Salt, Flour, and Water make that homemade playdough like recipe, which you can find on the internet,

which is the form,

and then as the sugar is cooked/burned it turns brownish, and has a heterogenous mixture of colors which make it look authentic.

Just as a caution, im not sure what reactions might be going on, the steam could be toxic, i have no idea on this, ... jsut be careful, and use at your own discreation



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    cheap survivor2

    3 years ago

    i feel as if you just poop on a coffee filter and took a picture, thats how real it looks


    12 years ago

    ok, one question, to me, that picture up above, looks pretty fricken real, what do you guys think?

    4 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I think the picture looks real enough that it'd be great for T.V. and I even think it's so real that people might believe it was poo if you showed it on the radio.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Sugar does melt! And can also dissolve! Maybe you should try it in your favorite pan and see how it turns out! Stupid!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    it only dissolves in a hot solution i.e. coffee, hot water etc. melting sugar is actually how they make caramel (a "brown" colored candy)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    heres a better one get a toilet tube get it wet and make a bit of the mud but put brown paint on it wait for it to dry then put some mud over it and it looks cooooooooooooool


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    lol, if you haven't ever felt poop you can't have ever a had a very very very very good night out in the traditional British sense of the term!