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Introduction: Pop Culture Snowflakes

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Ahh yes, the holidays. The time of year when people come together with family and friends, reflect on the past year and of course, cut out paper snowflakes.

With the holidays in our hearts and pop culture in our minds, the Delphic Digital team has created a tradition with a series of DIY snowflake templates that can be easily followed from basic to jedi ninja level.

Each Snowflake has a printable template that shows where to fold and where to cut.

Each snowflake also has a declared mastery level. Below is the list and its difficulty so you can get to it!

Step 1: Select a Snowflake Template to Use

For each snowflake there is a downloadable template to print, so select which one you want to try to start.

  1. Olaf , Frozen (Level 3)
  2. Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy (Level 5)
  3. True Detective (Level 4)
  4. Soccer, World Cup (Level 1)
  5. Emmet, The Lego Movie (Level 3)
  6. Day of the Dead Book of Life (Level 4)
  7. Ice Bucket Challenge (Level 3)
  8. Divergent (Level 3)
  9. Mocking Jay , Hunger Games (Level 3)
  10. Maleficent (Level 4)
  11. Mad Men (Level 2)
  12. The Walking Dead (Level 5)
  13. Big Bang Theory (Level 3)
  14. Game of Thrones (Level 3)
  15. Delphic Digital (Level 5)

Printable Templates

Step 2: Print the Instructions

The instructions are two pages.

First page is the template that you will cut around.

The second page is the instructions on how to fold the paper.

Easy peasy.

Step 3: Fold and Cut, Viola!

Fold the paper as shown (just 5 folds).

Cut out the blue shaded areas.



You have a DIYsnowflake like none other.



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7 months ago

Links are broken

The links are not working.

do you have teenage mutane nigji turtles

i really like this one you should post more amazing snowflakes

templates not available?

Broken link? I can't get to patterns. Or do they not play well with Firefox?

They won't open or download. Can you help?

I just tried the Olaf one for my daughter and I gave up at the eyes. It still looked OK though (she freaked out when she saw it). Paper was just too thick to get those small details. I buy heavy printer paper (24lb) so I would recommend buying the lightest paper they sell (20lb or under).

1 reply

Good note on paper. We used standard printer paper and an x-acto knife for Olaf's eyes. I'm glad your daughter liked, I can't wait to share with my friend's 4-year-old :)

Your snowflakes are looking great!!! Hope you enjoy them :)

The groot ones awesome!