Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5W





Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5W

Simple, cheap and easy to make

It's 5W Bluetooth Speaker with rechargeable

Hope you enjoy

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Electronics

This step for wiring electronic components, follow wiring diagram

Step 3: Assembly

Step 4: Skin

Apply skin speaker with rope, glue by hot glue gun

Step 5: Finish & Test

Open bluetooth your device and connect to device name CSR8645

Test sound in video not good, because record by built in microphone camera

it have problem when record loud sound



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    I have question. Do You have any document which describes CSR8645 uart commands? I am developing some receiver and want to communicate CSR8645 with mcu.

    2 replies

    But there should be some bluetooth AT commands I think so... :/