Portable USB Charger




Introduction: Portable USB Charger

Have you ever been in a store and your phones run out of battery? Well now you don't have to worry about getting home so you can charge your phone. This charger is portable, compact, and able to fit inside a glove compartment, purse, pockets and many more!

Step 1: Parts

The parts you will need you can get at your local RadioShack or other electronics store.


1. 8 AA Battery holder

2. 8 AA Batteries

3. Car phone charger

4. 9volt battery connector (used for 12v holder).

5. Push-button switch

Depending on the parts you already have already this is the estimated cost. (considering you already have a car phone charger and AA batteries).

All on RadioShack.com

9v connectors- $2.99 (pack of 5)

8 AA Battery Holder- $2.99

Push-button switch- $3.99

================== GRAND TOTAL $10

Thats a great deal when there are other phone chargers that cost like $50-$200 AND you have to charge them.

Step 2: Assembling


1. Solder a small 2" red wire (color helps for polarity) to the positive connection on the charger. (It is normally at the back).

2. Solder the end of that red wire to one of the leads on the switch. Then the red lead from the connector to the open side of the switch.

3. Solder the black wire onto the negative/neutral connection on the charger (you can even put the negative wire on the usb port it will work on pretty much anything metal on the circuit).

4. Put the batteries in the battery holder then connect the battery holder to the snap connectors.

5. Put your usb for you phone in it then press the button and it will start charging!

Step 3: Schematic

Here's the schematic for those of you who like this better!



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    3 years ago

    No,im not mad,.dont remove it,.just edit the title & remove the word wireless,.


    3 years ago

    Thats not the meaning of Wireless Charger...yet you still have to connect your device to that using usb cable..,right!,so wheres the wireless there?..this is Scam project,to gain more views...

    1 reply

    Ok well I didn't intend it to be a so called "scam project" and I did not use it to gain more views and I will remove it if it makes you that mad.


    3 years ago

    Your Project title is misleading!.,where is the wireless functionality?.,there's none!

    2 replies

    Wireless as in there is nothing that has to go into the wall or external input.

    That's not wireless. When the word wireless is used, it means to transfer something without a wired connection. Since this still plugs into the phone, its not wireless. This is dishonest use of a term in order to get more views.