Post Cards

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Offer a cute post card to your colleagues,
the girl/boy in the other cubicle you really like,
your surfer buddies,
your mom...someone close and dear to you.

Or make this out of complete boredom, 'cause they are fun, quick and easy to make.

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Step 1: What to Grab From the Supply Room

We have here tones of folder binders stashed away in the supply room.
All have such pretty colors, and strong heavy weight paper.
I could not resist cutting them up and making some post cards.
The envelopes were already there, empty, waiting and tempting me!
A paper glue stick
Printer (optional)

Some imagination and some time.

Step 2: Print Design

If you have an internet connection and printers, then search online for some cute design you would like to have on the post card and print it out.

Otherwise, just draw it on a piece of paper, then use it as a pattern for the folder that you will cut around the pattern.

Step 3: Cut Then Glue

Overlap the envelope over the binder (make sure there is no company name printed anywhere on the piece you will cut).

Cut the post card a little smaller then the envelope so that it will fit inside.

Cut the designs you want out of differnt colors.

Glue some designs inside the postcard, others outside.

You can use a Sharpie to write something nice or funny and give them away!

See who will guess what they are made of!



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    12 years ago on Introduction

    How creative! I'll make one for my husband and my mom!