Potato Carrot Soup With Celery, Leek, Parsley and Meatballs Recipe

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1000g potatoes

1000g carrots

500g minced meat

500g celery

500g leek

3 onions

1 egg

50g parsley

50g breadcrumbs

salt, pepper, paprika & vegetable broth

Step 1: Preparation

Peel the onions and quarter them. Cut the carrots and the leek in slices. Peel the potatoes and the celery and cut them into pieces. Give a bit oil in a large pot and fry the onions for a few minutes. Add the carrots and stir a few minutes. Add the potato-pieces and stir again. Now add the vegetable broth and cover the pot till it is cooking.Give the celery and the leek to it and cover the pot again.

Step 2: Meatballs

Give the egg to the meat. Scatter salt, pepper, paprika & breadcrumbs to it and mix everything together. Form meatballs out of this mix.

Step 3: Finish

Place the meatballs in the pot and turn down the heat. Let it relax for about 30 minutes. Add chopped parsley and stir a minute. Now it is ready to grab a portion and enjoy. Look at my other work.




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