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This is not my usual instructables but what the heck. The peach tree in my backyard has started to bear fruits and the annoying possum has come along to eat them before is ripped. I don't hate possums but is just so annoying for them to bite on each fruits. Anyway I came out with this simple idea to keep away from possum. I guess you can use this for other fruits as well.

What you need:

1. Large plastic cups

2. Scissors

3. Tape

4. Metal rod/stick

5. Lighter

Step 1: Make a Hole at the Bottom of the Cup

The easiest way to make a whole at the bottom of the cup is to heat up a metal rod and melt it through the bottom. This is much easier than cutting a whole.

Step 2: Make a Slit on the Side and Bottom

Use a scissors or blade and cut all the way on one side and at the bottom until you can open the cup in halves.

Step 3: Slide in the Peach Into the Cup

Gently place the cup over the fruit and position the fruit stem right through the hole at the bottom of the cup. See image

Step 4: Finally, Tape the Slit

Tape the slit so that it doesn't open and fall off. Repeat the process for the other peaches.



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    Great Idea!

    I was just wondering if the plastic cups can get too hot in Central Texas?

    Thanks, Carolescorner


    4 years ago on Introduction

    THANK YOU!!!!! I've been trying to protect my plums from visiting animals for several years! Can't believe how simple this is!

    Had a fake owl, BTW. Didn't faze the possums or the squirrels, and I swear sometimes I've heard the racoons laughing in the middle of the night!

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    In my case I have heard the possums laughing at night before this. I did thought of making a sensor water spray system but it got too complicated. Now they are eating up the leaves because they can't get to the good stuff... hehehe!

    If you have squirrels I suggest you get those plastic cups with covers and also make sure to tape up properly on the opening slit.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    RE: Water Sensor Spray Systems . . . We have three "scarecrows", which are rainbird sprinkler heads that go off when anything gets within 20 feet. My husband and I get drenched by them because we forget they are there! But they have a 10 second delay, after they go off, before they will trigger again. One night when the moon was full, we watched from our bedroom window as two racoons timed their walk all the way along the side of the house, ducking under the bushes just as it went off again. Three times triggering it and they were past the "scarecrow'! Now we have to remember to point them in different directions once a week or so, to fool the critters!

    Thanks for the hint about plastic cups with covers! Sounds even better!


    4 years ago

    Very Smart Idea!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Go ahead and feed the varmint so she will come back for more.

    Some day, when you're hungry, possum stew!

    I thought about doing this for my peach tree since I have a problem with squirrels doing the same thing your possum friend is doing. But the peach tree is so tall and where the peaches grow its pretty awkward for me. Instead I would use the water bottles that accumulate in my recycling box. I guess I could try again. Hummmm....

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    danleowTreasure Tabby

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I agree, It is difficult if your tree is tall. Perhaps you could try these methods:

    1. wrap with aluminium foil
    2. wrap with thick plastic bag use wire tie to keep it together
    3. Use large disposable cups with covers

    I have heard people use fake large owl to scare these creatures. Not sure if it will work. I think water bottles are good idea :)

    Very clever, and it's nice to see that there are friendly ways to deal with possums. You'll have to show us what you plan to do with your now protected yeild of peaches.

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    Thanks, well I don't want to be selfish ;) so I will share the ripped peaches with the possum (I named her Fatty). I will try to make a video of it. Last season I fed Fatty apples and peaches, since then she just kept coming almost every night. Got some vids here