Quick Candy Cane Decoration

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For Christmas time yard decor, I painted PVC to resemble candy canes several years ago (see my Instructable) but had to get rid of a couple large ones when I moved. When placed under the eaves, they looked like candy cane supports and, with the help of other decorations, made my home look a little like a gingerbread house. I have a lot of projects going on now and didn't want to spend too much time painting new ones. This project is really easy, fast, and fairly inexpensive.

The first pic shows the new candy canes and the other pic shows the old. I will be using insulation foam to make a window border and fascia covering to mimic frosting/snow and to also make miscellaneous "candies", but first...candy canes.

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Step 1: Supplies

- 10 foot long 4 inch PVC pipe (or desired size)

- Red Duct Tape (or get creative with other colors!)

Step 2: Making the Candy Canes

Get a helper if you can. I enlisted my wife.

Secure the tape at one end of the pipe while holding the tape at an angle. Slowly twist the pipe while your partner unrolls the tape and keeps its angle consistent. You're done when you reach the other end. Or you could add another stripe. We made two in about 5 minutes.

That's it! Happy Holidays!



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