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This instructable was inspired by Jake's idea on how to keep your razor sharp.  

This is a very interesting ible and well worth the time to check it out.  

I loved his idea and incorporated it into a gift idea.  I made a denim strap to hang in a dry area to sharpen razors.  It is made from denim jeans and a small piece of bicycle inner tube.  These would make awesome Christmas gifts for any guy or gal that uses a razors.

For the gift I would include a copy of the introduction to Jake's instructable's on keeping your razor sharp and giving his URL page so they can watch his video.  

You could include a razor and shaving cream with the gift package.  

You could had a small strip of print fabric to the top or add embellishments that complimented the receivers interest.  You could do stamping with the persons name on it.  
 Making a loop to hold the razors would be so useful.
I will be making more of these after all the holidays and be embellishing them so they are very attractive.  This one was my sample one and it worked out great.
Can't  you just see denim with pink lace and iron on rhinestones!

Maybe skull and bones for the guys.


You could glue this razor strap, hand sew it, duct tape or use fusible inner facing.

Denim 5 inches X 36 inches
Small piece of bicycle inner tube 1 3/4 inches wide  X 6 inches long
Matching thread
Iron (optional)
Sewing machine (optional )
Hand sewing needle if you don't have a machine.
Straight edge
Hole punch ( optional )  hammer and nail, or ice pick
Embellishments (optional )  If they are very long add some length to your strap when you cut it out 


You can use an old pair of heavy jeans or denim.

Cut 2 pieces of denim 5 inches wide X 36 inches long.
Cut one piece of bicycle inner tube 1 3/4 inches wide X 6 inches long.


If you are going to add rhinestones or stamp a name on the fabric, now it the time to do that.

Mark center on the right side and place your rhinestones or template for stamping where you want it and apply it.  

 Make sure you add it to the end where the inner tube is.  

Make sure you drop it down a few inches from the top so the inner tube won't be in the way. 

If adding a very large embellishment you might want to make the strap that much longer.  

Step 4: LAYOUT

With right sides together mark where center is and fold the inner tube piece on the mark (between the 2 layers of fabric as shown in picture.  

Pin to secure it.  

Step 5: SEW

Begin sewing at the end without the rubber ( a few  inches from center, leaving an opening to turn the fabric right side out.)  Make sure to leave the opening large enough to push the inner tube through.  

Pivot at the corners by sewing to the edge ( where the presser foot just meets the corner.)

Stick your needle in the fabric and lift the foot and turn the fabric to begin sewing the other side.  Put the presser foot down and begin sewing to next corner and repeat until 4 corners are sewn.  

The next little stretch ( The side you began on ) make sure to leave an opening and back stick to secure it.   



Turn the razor strap right side out.
Use a skewer or something to help you turn it.
Take the skewer and gently push the corners to make a sharp point.


After you have turned the strap and made the nice points, iron it good and turn under the raw edge on the one end. 

Pin it to keep it secure.

Machine sew a finished edge to finish off the razor strap.  


Mark center on the inner tube hanger with a marking pen dropping down from the center top, so the hole does not rip out.  

Cut a hole to hang it up by using a hole punch or something sharp.  


If you want to add a copy of Jake's introduction page for an enclosure ( copy it and print it out.)
You might want to add some shaving cream and a razor.  

I added a comment someone made about aloe and I added not to store the razors in the bathroom. 

Remember to add his URL so they can watch his video.

Did you notice how many hits he has received?  



Now you can put this razor strap to the test.  Make a note of when you first tried this on a new razor.  

Write down when it was no longer sharp.  

How long did yours last?

It would be interesting to know and be awesome if some of you posted your experience here to share with others.

Oh yeah time to wrap that awesome gift for someone! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Please rate if you found this instructable useful.  


I added this step because of a comment on my instructable.  I know some of you can't view the video but if you visit Jake's instructable you can view all of the comments and read exactly what he wrote about how to sharpen the razor blade.  https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-extend-the-life-of-your-Razor-Blade-keeping/

Basically you hold the end of the strap while the top is on a hook.  Hold the bottom kind of tight and run your blade up 10 to 20 times and reverse the direction and run the blade down 10 to 20 times.  He does this after every shave.  



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    9 Discussions

    did I miss where you described how to use this? is it like a strope fro a straight razor?

    4 replies

    I did not describe how to use it but did give a video link of the post where my instructable was inspired from. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-extend-the-life-of-your-Razor-Blade-keeping/.

    I will add that as per your comment. Got to thinking some people can't watch the vid. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    with an older computer and so/so connection speed, Im one of those who seldom look at videos, unfortunately that means I miss some great "ibles" because they are only on vids. Even though I haven't regularly touched a razor in over 30yrs I found your "ible" interesting and informative with the exception of how to use the finished product. I was thinking it might be used to freshen razor knife blades but I also suggested it to my daughter as homemade holiday gifts (for the few in the family who do use razors)

    april artwalk.jpg

    So, your an artist! Good for you! I loved the light house. From the looks of your picture above you look like you need that beard to keep warm! Yes, your are correct, my sister can't view my vids although she has DSL but for some reason it is always buffering so she too misses out. Glad you mentioned this because I did make the changes as per your comment. I added it after the testing part. Last page I think. I am in a rush to leave but when I get back after Xmas, I think I will put it on the first page. Thanks again for your comment.

    Cool idea, especially after a very rough shave, need me a new blade, after a little incident where the little metal strap at one end came off I'm not keen on stretching out the life of razor blades, though mine always get thrown in bags and whatnot...

    1 reply