Make an Offshore Boat With ... Nothing :)




just need some RC components and polystyrene:) enjoy!!!

Step 1: RC Boat Polystyrene.

the polystyrene

take a piece of polystyrene, and just grat that your polystyrene look like a boat :).

put all over le boat some scoth fiber to consolidate the boat.

Step 2: The Rudder and the Propeller

take piece of pcb , cut a rentangle and paste the rudder with a tube of fiber of carbon.

to imprive the speed, you must sharpen the rudder, like it cut the water.

to sleed the boat must have a propeller surface drive else you can like me, take a simple propeller and grate the leading-edge for the propeller cut the's very efficace

Step 3: The Electronic

1 ESC 18A

1 lipo 3s 1500mah

1 moteur brushless

1 servos for the rudder

and 1 receiver

try to make the ESC and the reciever waterproof to avoid bad surprise

Step 4: The Test :)

that's very fun

just look the video :)

Step 5:



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    That looks really cool. I always wanted to get into model boat making. Your method seems accessible enough that I think that I could actually do this.