RC Rocket Launching System

Hi guys,

I really like flying my drone. To make it even more interesting, I've added a rocket launching system. It is a pretty simple build so everybody who has a bit of RC experience should be able to rebuild it. All you need for this instructable are

  • RC toys like cars, planes, drones...
  • baby rockets (they are difficult to get during the year but easily available before New Year's Eve)
  • electric match (I bought them in a store, but there are also instructables)
  • RC switch module

Have fun!

Step 1: Prepare the Rocket

  • take a baby rocket
  • remove the gunpowder fuse
  • insert an electrical match
  • ensure that the electrical match holds firmly

Step 2: Install the RC Switch

  • Plug the RC switch module into the receiver
  • Use an auxiliary channel
  • Test the functioning of the switch: Both LEDs on the RC switch module should light up when the switch is ready. A single blinking LED indicates which of the two output cables is under power. You should be able to switch between the two modes remotely.

Step 3: The Launching System

  • Connect the electric matches to the output cables of the switch module
  • Use adhesive tape to securely fix it
  • Attach the rockets loosely to the RC toy. I made loops with adhesive tape.

Step 4: Finished!

Congrats, now you have an rocket launching system on your RC toy! As you are handling fireworks make sure to act carefully! In particular, avoid an open switch when you turn your RC toy on.



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