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Introduction: ROBLOX - Click Pwnage Cannon

About: i ussaly have some good extra time so i make models on and stuff out of knex like guns and grenades. If you play ROBLOX then add me as a friend!

I made this in 5 minutes but I already had fire scripts. Comment whether I should make an Instructable of this.



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    Hello people --Instructables-- should be a care of ROBLOX and i mean ROBLOX

    people should make more roblox instructables (even though im good at building) but people should know more about roblox  

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    I'd like it if you did make an Instructable. There isn't that many Roblox Instrucables here and they could come in useful for some people. I know some people who could benefit from them.

     we surely do guys if you want to know me on roblox im SWEAWFOCrocks or join my Umbrella Incorperation© group for building! :D

    Yeah we need more roblox instructables...unfortunately I suck at building on there. I only can edit stuff (And i make awesome t-shirts too 8D)

    roblox rulez,but there aren't any instructables related to it.

    its not a game but my build mode... you can make an accout then enter build mode to build w/e you want. its really cool and its all free.

    Looks like a cool idea. I think you should make an instructable out of this.