Rainbow Loom Ball




Step 1: What U Need

U will need one or two looms a hook rubber bands and a c clip

Step 2:

Put double bands on and put them 4 times down and do that 8 times than double one band and put it at the end as a cap band

Step 3: Hooking

Take the bottom 2 bands and hook it up do that 8 times

Step 4:

Take them off and put it on ur hook and put aband on and slip all of the bands onto that one band and do a slip knot and add a c clip

Step 5:

Now take the Cap bands and put them on the hook and slip all the bands on a sucure band and make a slip knot and attach it to the same c clip as before and tuck it in the ball and fix ur ball and u are ready to roll



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    4 years ago

    I hope y'all have fun with this DIY ball comment what u want me to make and also u can make it a bomb or whatever this is not my design