Rammelaar by Sander Vogelears, Suleyman Buyukboyaci and Maya Verjans

Ideas and inspiration
After much deliberation, we decided to draw inspiration from children's toys to make our instrument. Children are curious, active and enjoy shaking/throwing with everything and anything. Therefore, we designed a rattle. The design should not be too complicated since the target audience are children. We made use of round shapes to make it not only safer, but also to make it look more pleasant and friendlier.

How to use

Its use is quite simple. You put a few marbles in the hole made on the side. It can be a glass marble, wood pellet or a metal ball. Due to the marbles hitting the inner boards, it creates a sound. Not only the quantity but also the types of materials that are used, have affect on the sound it produces . After you have inserted the marbles,roll it on the ground. We warn that parents supervise their children while playing, as the marbles could fall out and could be swallowed by the child.

created by: Sander Vogelaers, Suleyman Buyukboyaci en Maya Verjans

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    4 years ago

    All we need now is a plug sky the marbles dong fall out! :)