Record Music From Teh Interwebz

Introduction: Record Music From Teh Interwebz

This is my first instructable so please bear with me. =]

Okay, so here we go. In this 'ible you will learn how to download music for free from the biggest music library in the world; TEH INTERWEBZ?

Now you may be thinking, "Puffinfresh, you unbelievably sexy devil you, what makes this method different from the millions of others out there?" That answer is easy; even if it says you can't download it, you actually can. There is no risk for viruses at all, depending on what sites you listen to music on. If you can only find your music from Youtube, you can download from there too!

So, without further ado, on to the 'Ible!!

Step 1: What'z You Gonna Needz???

You will need 3 things for this process:

Audacity (

LAME MP3 encoder ( When you download this, put the files in a folder somewhere you will remember. SERIOUSLY. REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT THIS. YOU WILL NEED TO FIND IT LATER.

A website that allows you to listen to the music (I use myspace)

Step 2: R3C0RDZ Y3|2 T00NZ!

Open up Audacity, and load up the song you want to listen to. It's a good idea to let it play through so you know it's loaded, then drag the progress slider all the way back to the beginning.

Once your song is loaded up, reopen the Audacity window.

Open up Edit > Preferences and in the drop-down menu for "Recording," select WaveOut (Conexant High Definition). Sorry, if it's different for OSX users, I don't have Mac so I wouldn't know.

Anyway what this does is normally, Audacity will record from your built-in microphone. This makes it so that instead of recording from the microphone, Audacity will save a copy of any sound being fed to your speakers. No noise, no loss, just perfect music.

When you've done that, click the little red circle for record, navigate to your song, and let it play through.

Step 3: 3D1T1NGZZZ0RZ!

After the song's played through, click stop on Audacity (Should be self explanatory =P). Then, stop the feed from your website (or close that window altogether).

Chances are, unless you're the Flash, there's lots of blank space on the recording. This was the time it took for you to click record, navigate to your music page, and play the music.

All you have to do is select the empty space (click and drag, it's not hard), and hit "Delete."

I don't have a picture for these last steps because if you need pictures for this stuff, you need help. Professional help.

Step 4: S4V1NGz Yu|2 MY00Z1Kz!!!

Now that you've recorded your music, hit file and click "Export as MP3." If you've used Audacity before, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE DONE!

If not, you have one step left. Audacity will tell you that it needs to know where the LAME encoder is. You only need to do this one time, unless you uninstall Audacity and reinstall it. This is why I told you to remember where you put it. Navigate to the encoder and double click it. Now you can choose where you want to save your brand spankin' new MP3!!!

Congratulations! Free music, no viruses!

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    4 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    um doesn't work for me (XP) Audacity preference settings do not include "WaveOut (Conexant High Definition)" has microphone etc... so only records through microphone via speaker output resulting in extremely sh*t quality. any advice?

    Admiral Puffinfresh
    Admiral Puffinfresh

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, I can't help you out with that. I spilled milk on my HP laptop and fried the motherboard, but I was under warranty so BestBuy replaced it. I got a Toshiba laptop instead. Tried this, and didn't have WaveOut. Don't know why. Sorry again.