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Bring some life and color into any room or desk by creating your very own Pokemon planters from recycled bottles! This quick and easy tutorial only needs empty bottles and basic tools/materials that any avid crafter should already have!

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Step 1: Slice Your Bottle and Mark Out the Pokemon

First ensure you have a bottle big enough for whatever you would like to plant and slice it half. Then mark the outline of your Pokemon with the center of it's face inline with two of the bottle's feet. Bulbasaur is the perfect Pokemon for this project as the plant itself will act as his little bulb!

Step 2: Trim the Bottle Down to Your Marked Lines

Trainer used CUT! It was super effective!!

Step 3: Paint and Detail Your Pokemon

For Bulbasaur I gave him a couple layers of green spray paint and used oil based markers for his face with black pen for the outlines. If you don't own colored markers, oil based paint will work fine on the smooth surface of the bottle. You can also print out his mouth and eyes and just glue them on to make things even easier!

Step 4: Plant Your Pokemon

I chose to plant a small cactus as it will perfectly replicate Bulbasaur's bulb. Most succulents will also look just as good!

Fill your new planter one-third full with soil before gently spreading the roots and planting you new cactus or succulent. If you're going to go with something spiky, utilize a small washcloth to grab hold of it without getting pricked.

Step 5: Watch Bulbasaur Grow and His Bulb Flourish!

The bottle's small size makes it an ideal decoration piece for your desk or windowsill. Water and watch your Pokemon evolve!

I'm slowly getting around to posting all my creations on here but if you'd like to see more geeky DIYs, please check out my YouTube channel.

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I like you recycled a plastic bottle. I will try that.

    Anirudh Ralhan

    2 years ago

    LOVED THEM!!! Great way of recycling bottles. The Bulbasor one is so cute and creative. Definitely making these. Voted!!


    2 years ago

    Beauty! I looove pokemon! My kid too!

    "These might look normal, but they have a lot of love to give."