Replacing AC Idler Pulley on My Honda Civic 1999

Introduction: Replacing AC Idler Pulley on My Honda Civic 1999

First the power steering pump belt has to be removed. The stone guard also needs to come down (taking off the left wheel is necessary).

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Step 1: Slacken the Old Idler Pulley.

The centre nut is 14mm and has to be removed with its washer. Also the tightening bolt (10mm) needs to be backed off. Once done, the belt and pulley will come out.

Step 2: Comparison.

The old pulley has a sheath for the bolt. This was removed using the 3/8inch extension bar and placing the pullet on top of it. Just by tapping it, the sheath came out.

To put the sheath onto the new pulley, I used an 18mm socket to brace the inner bearing race and lightly hammer tap the sheath in. The orientation of the sheath is critical!

Step 3: Installation of New Pulley.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Once the belt was tensioned, the pulley nut was tightened. Now my car has a brand new AC idler pulley and I plan on buying a couple more since this pulley tends to fail easily.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good job! If I may make a suggestion, when putting in the new sheath, you could use a rubber or plastic hammer, or failing that, use a small block of wood to transmit the hammer blows.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Extremely good point my friend! I'm Lacking wood block but I do have a tile mallet. I was doing this job while replacing the power steering pump.