Resize a Pirate Hat to Fit a Baby or Small Child.




Introduction: Resize a Pirate Hat to Fit a Baby or Small Child.

I'm sure if you have children you know how important it is to have a properly sized tricorn, aka pirate's hat. Here I will show you how I turned a 99 cent adult sized pirate hat into a perfectly fitting toddler size that is comfortable enough that he actually asks to wear it and leaves it on for hours.

Step 1: Set-up.

First gather your supplies. You will need one hat, some good all-purpose glue and a vice or pair of vice-grips or a really strong clip of some sort.

I found my hat in the one dollar bins just as you enter Target. You can probably find one at a dollar store or cheap costume/party supply store.

Step 2: Pinch and Clamp.

You can measure the kid's head, put the hat on the head and pinch it tight to fit (using your fingers and thumb, not the clamp yet), or just guess. You want to do the pinching at the center of the back. It will come out looking as if it were made that way.

Now apply a liberal amount of glue to the inside of the pinched fabric, close your clamp down and wait. I would let it sit overnight to be safe.

Step 3: After Several Hours...

Now, remove the clamp, chip off any leftover glue that may have oozed out and voila! A baby pirate hat!

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