Resurrection of a 60`s Woolworths Teisco Audition Electric Guitar




I got the body and neck and the tailpiece, that was it ... the rest I figured out from parts I had from a junked Les Paul Copy...Was alot of work getting off that old finish, but I think it was worth it in the end... total cost to me in $ .. just under 30$



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    Thanks.. was an experiment ... it is an Industrial liquid wax I got from the buidling manager ... is a Home Hardware brand, is all I could still see on the old jug label... it is a water base and self buffing, and rather fast drying... I wiped it on in thin layer with a rag till I got the desired finish... and it is tough... I got some on a glass lid to one of my pots, and it took forever to get off, even once it had been heated and steamed with boiling water.... I used food colouring to tint it towards a more Vintage colour...