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Introduction: Retro DVD Player

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An old vintage radio transformed into a slot loading DVD player. The 4 buttons control power, play/pause, stop, and eject and it can also be controlled via remote control.

Step 1: The Original DVD Player and Radio Case

I got the case from a vintage radio repair man in town. The DVD player is a slot loading Insignia model which I picked up for $50 at Best Buy. I needed a slot loading DVD player for this project and was a little surprised to find there are not that many slot loading DVD players on the market.

Step 2: Mounting the DVD Drive

Cut a slot the size of a DVD in the case and then mount the DVD drive vertically to line up with the slot. Just below the DVD drive is the DVD motherboard.

Step 3: LED and Buttons

Wired in a blue LED (with a 100 ohm resistor in series) to 5V off the power supply. The power supply had a 5V label which made this very easy. Then mount the LED to the radio panel.

Mount momentary swtiches on the front of the case for power, play/pause, stop, and eject controls. Wire the swtiches to the respective buttons on the DVD motherboard.

Step 4: Lengthening Some of the Wires

In order for everything to mount correctly, some of the wires had to be lengthened.

Step 5: IR Receiver

Cut out the IR receiver from the motherboard and then mount on the front of the case so the DVD player can be controlled via remote control in addition to the front buttons. The IR receiver is below the blue LED in the middle of the case.

Step 6: Back Display

Mount the display from original DVD player on the back of the case. I had to cut out a slot with the Dremel and then glued it in using Weldbond glue.

Hook everything up for a final test before permanently soldering all the connections (front buttons, front LED, and IR receiver).

Step 7: Acrylic Back

Mount and cut out an acrylic piece to cover the back of the case.

On the top left, you can see the working display.

On the top right is where the front buttons are wired into.

The power supply is mounted on top of the DVD drive.

Step 8: Finished

All done, the retro DVD player in action



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    20 Discussions

    Absolutely great instructable and a good looking DVD player, now if you can only mod the remote control to look as if it came from the same period.

    This is a fabulous project!  I love the way the slot load doesn't require cutting into the case. 

    Now, what would be even cooler would be to take a car DVD player and have the radio dial fold back out of the way so the screen could slide out and pop up.

    Great project!!! I love re-casing stuff like this. Although I prefer the older look, so would use a yellowy LED or incandescant bulb instead of a blue LED. Also you could mount the DVD display where the original display is possibly.

    3 replies

    I'm not sure what the backing material is on that dial, but if you got some yellowed/faded parchment that matched it and put it right behind the glass, then mounted some amber LEDs behind that, it would give a nice yellow "incandescent"-ish glow, so long as the amber LEDs were properly diffused (you'd probably have to get a diffuser or sand them. the parchment would help with diffusion as well.) I can see it now, watching a movie in a dark room, with this little box sitting in the corner emitting a little warm light... classy!

    Not only that, but if you could get some kind of fiber board resembling that which was originally used for these old radios and cut out a space for the display. Hey alinke, you do good.

    This is my type of Instructable haha. But knowing me it would end up looking like $#!T.

    Great job! As a long-time electronics re-casing DYIer, I really appreciated this project! Keep up the good work (and post the instructables)!

    I really like the old radio cabinet. I think a whole computer system would be cool.

    Very nice! Next you should take an old TV case and put an LDC panel into it.

    Cool. Looks fairly complex though, I think I'd need a little more hand-holding if I were to attempt it myself! For your next task you should make a home theater pc in one of those old radios!

    Cool ! Why not use a 'standard' DVD player, mount it a bit recessed and glue a piece of veneer, that matches the type of wood of the case, on the front of it. Gives you a bit more freedom.

    1 reply

    thanks for the feedback, that would have been a lot easier probably could have been done without taking everything apart but I really wanted slot loading