Ribbon and Pearl Necklace and Bracelet




Introduction: Ribbon and Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

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I made this ribbon and pearl necklace and bracelet set.  I love how it turned out and you could make it with any colors you like.

I started out with some ribbon that I liked, some pearls, beading elastic and a darning needle (This needle has a bigger hole and it is easier to thread the elastic through.)

Now, I took the ribbon and accordian folded it with a pearl in between each of the folds and threaded the beading elastic through.

Once I had as many pearls as I wanted, I tied the elastic at the end of each section of pearls and then tied the remaining ribbon to make the bracelet. Because of the elastic, it stretches and will easily fit on and off without having to undo the tie.

I then used the same technique to make the necklace. The necklace also fits on and off easily because of the elastic in the beading area.

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