Ride on a Pig in Minecraft




Pigs are an attractive animal for Minecrafters. Not because they can be transformed into some tasty bacon - no, not at all. The main thing which is interesting with this creature is that you can ride on it. However, it's likely that pigs will become less interesting now when there are soon going to be horses in Minecraft which will most likely also be faster and easier to control than pigs. Either way it's fun to ride pigs and here I will show you how to ride and control them.

First off you need to find a pig. Pigs can be found in farmland landscapes so make sure to go look in such areas. Once you have found a pig move on with the following steps.

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Step 1: Crafting a Saddle and Placing It on the Pig

Start off by crafting a saddle. Once you have got the saddle simply use the item on a pig and you will get on top of it.

Step 2: Steer the Pig

To steer the pig you need to craft a carrot on a stick. Then hold it in your hand and point it in the direction you want to go.

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