IPad Stand Versatile Portable Infinite Position Designed to Last a Lifetime / AKA: Rite-Idea Lending a Hand Tablet Stand




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The Rite Idea Lending A Hand Tablet Stand has been Updated to: 
iPad Stand Versatile Portable Infinite Position Designed to Last a Lifetime

This project was inspired by Lifewarrior's  Zero Gravity Tablet Instructable. What I like the most about Instructable's is;  What you design today can always be redesigned into a better Instructable tomorrow. 

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.  

Old reuse for New


VEMCOLITE  Model VL-4 Architects Task Lamp
IPAD Snap Fit Cover / *Clear p 7   
Industrial Grade Suction CUp w/ Intergraded Vacuum Pump & Low Pressure Indicator
Carbon Fiber RC Car Chassis
1/2" 16x20 Plywood (2) Aluminum Rails Wide Stance Feet
IPAD Wall Charger 
IPAD Cable
Velcro / 12 to 18 inches  (Adhesive backed)
Security Camera Fixed Mount (3 point mount)
Security Camera Adjustable Ball Mount
5/16 x 18 Thumb Screw + Throttle Grip form a Harley Davidson 
Stylus for the iPad 
Rubber Bushing

It wasn't easy deconstructing the Vemcolite VL-4, but it was well worth it.  The performance is exceptional, effortless one handed positioning, smooth fluid movement and it stays where it's positioned.  A very solid piece with the simplicity in the design is where Old inspires New. This makes for a very enjoyable experience when you are looking to relax or work on something..... other than the stand for your device.

Link to a video    

This can be easily adapted for any tablet or device.
Velcro and online retailer's have all of the accessories you'll need to secure your device.  



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thats GREAT! I love the VL-4. AS I sit here in my garage I have two fully operational lamps here and at three sets of base clamps and telescoping tube sets assemblies along with tons of parts that I use for all sorts of projects.
    Both my father and I worked for VEMCO. I for 12 yrs, Dad for over 30 yrs. Both of us had our hands in the making of almost every part of these lamps. I remember making the lock nuts on an old Warner & Swaysie lathe and then later on cnc lathes. Dad used the lamp parts to make an adjustable full size easel for oil painting when he retired. The telescoping tubes and the lock nut make great adjustable height stands.
    Anyhow, theres some trival drivel for you.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You and thank your Dad! I love this thing. I use this stand everyday and everyday I am amazed how well it works. If you guys have any other products on the market or ever decide to have a garage sale... Let me know...:) Keep up the good work.



    6 years ago on Introduction

    A natural extension to the modern design station. The Vemcolite with a telescoping reach from 26" to 46" attaches either directly to the drawing board, or onto the V-Track drafting machine itself - allowing the light to automatically follow the active drawing area. Once adjusted the Vemcolite maintains it's position relative to the slope of the surface without further adjustment. Using a combination of incandescent and fluorescent lighting, the Vemcolite provides both the natural light balance and intensity demanded by today's users.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    EXCELLENT!! 10 stars! Great idea and execution! Very well explained and photographed! Just one question...do you think the mount is sturdy enough to support a laptop, instead of the tablet computer? Thanks.

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I like your idea of adapting to work with a laptop. i'm sure it's possible and one of the reasons for posting this Instructable. This is a perfect example to show-off the engineering & design of the Vemcolite VL-4. The weight of the iPad, Suction Cup and additional Hardware, is less than the weight of the original Lamp fixture. These task lamps were designed for architectural drawing. The architect needed a lamp to perform flawlessly. The VL-4 was the answer, a key feature is none of the Tension Settings are fully locked tight. So when using it, you simply maneuver it to the desired position and it stays...! This all needs to be considered to answer your question. Supporting a laptop correctly is different than iPad. It can be done. The usability being the end result, if it's more trouble than it's worth, using it or trying to use it. This stand is a perfect match to the usability of an iPad. This is the intersection of Old meets New and the best of both worlds and together, There's nothing better! It's the engineering and design that builds great products, lasting a lifetime is from the commitment of the people who buy them.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the very thorough answer. As luck would have it, I stumbled on something that would work as a laptop stand for my easy chair:Calico Tech Stand by Studio Designs, about $55.00 from several locations. But I still admire your workmanship and ingenuity here, Thanks again.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely stunning, taking an idea and expanding on it is what I love best about this site.

    The use of that style of lamp was genius, Re-purposing un-useful objects into useful tools is an art form, I think people tend to forget while this may have been a nice looking lamp, if it is not being used it's just junk cluttering up useful space.

    Excellent build, Some things for future thought, if the Velcro doesn't hold up, (one thing that didn't hold up for me, glue gave then fell and smacked me in the face, lol), I have long thought about embedding neodymium magnets in Sugru to the back of the tablet and making a metal mounting system for different places like the car and the desktop, or anyplace Id like to hang the tablet wall, refrigerator, or workbench. However I don't know if the tablet is shielded from magnetic poles.

    The 360 swivel head mounting plate and base mounting is very cool, I love the design, just always stay fluid in your design, any good artist is never happy with his work, and believes he can improve upon it. Those who would look at something (such as that lamp) and say it's too nice to change or alter doesn't see the world like you. When you look at something, always look with eyes what can I do to make it better or make it work for me! Einstein believed nothing was ever the best it can be, it can always be improved upon.

    Gives me some ideas, and gives me something to keep an eye out for.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    vemcolite model vl-4...Was beautiful lamp.

    the "be nice" policy prevents me from saying more.

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