Introduction: Robot

About: Hey my life is boring I had nothing all my toys got boring until I found knex I found that knex would never get boring because there's so much to do with it and I saw tutorials so here I am and I made this a...

Have you always lost to knex robot battles well here's a robot (not guaranteed to win) so here we go

Step 1: Pieces

orange connectors = 10 gray connectors = 4 purple connectors (with gap) = 2 blue connectors (with gap) = 2 white connectors = 2 blue rod = 8 white rod = 4 green rod = 3 yellow rod = 3 red rod = 1 gray (or black) rod = 1. Other (that aren't really knex) blue spacer (or circle thingy) green knex motor

Step 2: The Motor Stand

Ok let move on

Step 3: Setting Up the Motor

Just the arms left

Step 4: The Arms

I made a error you don't need that extra yellow rod so put it away

Step 5: Optional

Hope you enjoyed



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    2 Discussions

    Does it move, or does it just sit there and spin its arms?