Rubber Band 14 Shot, Shotgun

Introduction: Rubber Band 14 Shot, Shotgun

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I have been inspired lately by a video I saw on YouTube on a rubber band shotgun, It looked easy so I decided I would try to do it. I have taken some time to get the angles to the best standard and accuracy of shooting and I am quite pleased with the end product. I also experimented with different wood and found that MDF and chipboard was the best as it didn't "scuff" on the ends and didn't split. It does not matter wot thickness of wood you use as I varied from 19mm pine down to 6mm ply wood, I didn't think ply was the best as when you sand down smooth it gets very ruined on the end which is what you don't want as it will break your elastic bands. I have done all of this gun on one screenshot off youtube if you'd like to see the rubber band shotgun in use I will give you a link to the original idea that I had.

Step 1: Coping the Templates

I have tried and tried to give you some templates here but I did not know how or if they worked or not if they did great but they may be a little rough as i outlined the wood. The way I duplicated my design was to obviously print them out then roughly cut out. The way I found best to stick them was pritt stick them to the wood you desire to use, also i experimented in this but pritt stick is good to stay there when you want it to and is easy to peel off afterwards.

Step 2: Cutting Out

I used a Bandsaw in this project but you could use anything from jigsaw to hand saw.

Step 3: Gluing

then i went on to gluing them together First i glued the two small bits to the actual moving part "the pump action part", using the gun as a spacer in between the two small parts. Then after that had fully cured i glued the other half of the "pump action loader" on and leaving that to fully cure.

Step 4: Sanding

Pull off your gun after it is fully dry and sand down. I used a vibrating sander as MDF is easy to sand but you could use anything from hand sanding to any other clever machine that can sand.

Step 5: Finish Off

Now your done :-) You might need to sand and touch up afterwards But all in all that should be done. I advise size 18 bands as they are the easiest to load and so forth, I got mine off ebay for £1.49 a bag, heres a link...Ebay Rubber Bands

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