SAMLA Charging Station

Hello guys.

If you're like me i was always looking to find the best solution for a charging station to all the gadgets and tools around the house.

I would like to share with you & the world my version of a simple charging station solution that is low cost, simple to make, No drilling required, easy to put on any surface & most important "instant" to make.

I present to you SAMLA Instant charging station.

Hope you'll like it

Step 1: Requirements

Things you'll need to make your instant charging station:

- Power strip
- Velcro squares

Step 2: Inserting Power Strip

Insert power strip through SAMLA INSERT handle.

Step 3: Use Velcro

After inserting the power strip cable through the handle stick 2 Velcro squares on the back of your Power strip.

(Hint: use both the male & female velcro so you'll have double sticky back that will be helpful for the next step)

Step 4: Position the Power Strip

Position and stick your power strip inside the SAMLA box.

Step 5: The End

Insert the SAMLA INSERT inside the box & pull your cable gently.

That's it. Very simple & not a single mess.

Now put your chargers & be creative.

I appreciate your comments.


Step 6: Here Is My SAMLA

To keep it away from children's reach, I've installed it in my kitchen with the help of two BLECKA hooks that were on the wall already.



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    3 years ago

    Thanks seamster. Glad you liked it.