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Hi guys this is the smallest blow instrument that i made. i cannot give the step by step instructions because i didnt take photos of this instructable stepp by step. so i give you an idea of how i made this. first it consists of a tube(the body) which i got from junk. i took another tube which is smaller than the first one. cut the half part. i t made a small spherical shaped thing looking like a small tube. i made a hole in it. then i cut a small piece from the plastic that i got from the collar of shirt when we buy it. first i inserted the spherical shaped thing inside the first tube. then i inserted the half cutted tube in the hole of that sperical thing. above that i inserted the small piece of plastic abolve the half cutted tube. thats all when i finished i blew it. the pictures and a video of the instrument in action is given.

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    5 years ago

    that was obviously taken out of a dogs squeaky toy, I see one of those every time my dog gets a new toy because he always goes for the squeaker, no wonder you don't have pictures