Introduction: STEAM-PUNKIN

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Halloween my favorite time of the year, The time of year where I let my freak flag fly high. This is only 4 of the 2 Steam Punkins I created for Halloween. This design I came up with in 2007 when I made a miss cut and covered it with tin foil. Also known as ROBO pumpkin. I set that one on fire on my front lawn Halloween night, 2008 rotted before I was able to take a picture of it. So one is from 2009 with stainless steel stitched into its face with guts leaking out from them seams. That was my first year in Bayshore Pumpkin Craving Contest. Where it was crowed scariest jack o lantern. The other is 2010 Were it was defending its title of being the scariest . With a car battery, LEDS and Fog, It was crowed king of the pumpkin patch again in Bayshore. With Fog pouring from its eyes and mouth.  I retired this concept in 2010 now moving on to my next big idea. SO NOBODY KNOWS what 2011 holds.  

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    sze arteest
    sze arteest

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I would say it is a Terminator Pumpkin )) Stunning idea with the steam punk implants!